Hair transplant scar repair clinic where procedure procedure needs careful examination and a qualified surgeon will notice color, laxity, width, length, vascularity and expectation of the patient.  Repairing or fixing is a question of concern to anyone going for a procedure. It indeed is a scary thought to have a scar decorated on your head when you just desired new strands. The scarring could be the result of mishaps during surgeries or bad restoration results. The advancements in technology have now overcome this problem by latest trends in follicle transplant i.e., FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). But previous techniques like FUT hair transplant can leave scars. The area from where the strip of follicles is extracted out and the follicle tissues are added to places of thinning or baldness can leave a prominent scar, which can be covered once your strands grows back, but there are other ways too, especially for people who have to be bald for some reasons like registering in military or performing religious duties like Hajj or Umrah. 

Repairing strip hair transplant scars includes methods like scar revision surgery, grafting procedures, camouflaging linear scars, plug redistribution and FUT plug redistribution etc. First of all, we should know how this wound forms. The strip follicle replacement method is a process in which a strip of skin is removed from the back of the patient’s head, then dissected. The follicles are then transplanted to the areas where there is baldness or thinning. The new replaced follicles take root quickly and start to grow after a set resting period. These then grow like natural hair. Now, the donor area from where the strip has been removed leaves a scar. But not ones, you can’t recover. There is a process called scar revision surgery which involves cutting out the scar of the patient, then re-suturing or stapling the wound. In simple words, it’s like fixing a strip procedure with another strip procedure. And if done right, it can give good results. Still, anything can be unpredictable, in case of any emergency, visit your doctor.

Repairing a strip hair transplant scar by a better and more advanced method is always a better option. The method is FUE surgery to repair FUT strip scarring. The procedure is to repair the wound by filling out the wounded area, one by one, with healthy follicles. This does not only help in covering the wound but the patient can also, very comfortably, carry short hair. In some cases, the scar can be of a hypertrophic type in the donor area or some keloid formation. These types of donor area scars can be treated with Cortisone or Steroid injections, possibly two or three times. A process called Laser skin resurfacing can be used if the scar is a thick one; this flattens or smoothens the area.  The depressed type of scars is treated with some method like using dermal filler injections or collagen enhancing laser treatments. Camouflaging linear scars also involve very carefully adding enough hair to camouflage the wound. It may take some time but the possibilities are that the wound can fully disappear. And there are no such risks of this. Such treatments are mostly safe and require not much time either, but one has to wait for the desired results to show.

Repairing a strip hair transplant scar can cost from very high to very low depending on the number of transplants required. It ranges from about 30000 to 60000 Pak Rupee per session. The procedures can be time taking and cannot be too, again depending on the patient’s requirement. The results can start showing after two months or so. Although the final results can only be observed once the patient’s hair is long enough, which takes a year approximately. The patient can have a detailed conversation with their doctor regarding that. It is better you understand your condition and the procedure you will be going through beforehand.

How fix FUT or Strip hair transplant scar ? 

Many patients got hair restoration surgeries through FUT or strip procedure in their past and some have broader or wider donor area scar. It seems cosmetically ugly when someone wants short cut or trimming of hair.  Many people cannot fulfill their desires due to curved scar in the donor area.  There are many reasons for broader or wider scar.

1- Skin behave differently and some people very thin line while many got thick and wider scar.

2- Sometimes hair doctor takes too much wide strip so greater tension at the time of would closer which will give more wider and broader donor scar.

3-  Some times surgeon is not competent or skilled and his unprofessional procedure would give ugly scar.

4- There are many patients who have two or three times hair restoration surgery through strip procedure in their past and these multiple surgeries gave them wider scars.

Hair Transplant donor scar repair


Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplant scar repair is possible in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes, it is possible and our clinic is doing it regularly.

Who is the best specialist in Lahore?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best surgeon who can repair it in Lahore.

What is an average cos in Lahore Pakistan?

The average cost is 30,000 to 60,000 Pak Rupee just for scar repair in Lahore.

How to get an appointment or consultation from a top surgeon in Lahore?

To get an appointment for FREE check up, you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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