Hair transplantation in Pakistan is performed through FUE & FUT techniques. However our clinic is treating baldness through an advanced version called DHI- direct hair implant technique. We are exclusively specialized in male and female hair loss treatments. Hair loss is one of the major problems that affect thousands of people worldwide. Individuals who face this problem usually try different treatments like shampoos or oils and wigs. Unfortunately, these methods only work temporarily and don’t solve the root of the problem. Due to advancements in technology, patients can now restore their baldness and thinning by surgical procedure. This is a very popular procedure that will help patients in achieving a natural look and regaining their confidence. This surgery has proven to be effective in curing baldness, facial reconstruction, or scarring. The best thing about this surgery is that patients will begin experiencing positive results quickly after they undergo the surgery and won’t have to wait for a couple of months like other procedures. Before you undergo the surgery, it is essential that you find a surgeon who is reliable because this will enable you to be aware of all the benefits of problems that can take place before or during the surgery. A qualified surgeon will be able to assess your needs and perform the surgery without any additional problems in the future. For example, a surgeon will be able to understand the reason behind baldness and whether you really need a transplant or not.

Hair transplantation Pakistan

You should ensure that the surgeon is certified and has a medical license. It is essential that you check yourself because many surgeons can post fake certificates on their website. You should also read reviews about the surgeon online because this will enable you to understand the overall experience that patients had with him.  When you visit his office, you should make sure that you see before and after pictures because this will help you understand the way you will look after you finish your surgery. The cost of the surgery will usually depend on the surgeon’s experience but most of them will provide you with flexible payment plans. You will usually have to visit the surgeon’s office after the operation so he can evaluate your condition and progress. This will enable you to understand whether the surgery was a success or not depending on your follicles  growth rate.

Hair restoration provides patients with the freedom they are looking for. They don’t have to waste many on other procedures or wigs. Once transplanted, the hair will grow permanently and you won’t have to worry about hair loss anymore. It will definitely prove you with the emotional freedom and high self- esteem you are looking for. There’s no doubt that obsessing over pattern baldness can be mentally exhausting but this can all end when you undergo hair restoration surgery in Pakistan. You will definitely be impressed with the results and won’t have to worry about the way your head looks anymore. Hair transplantation in Pakistan is performed by Board Certified surgeons Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry having more than 21 years experience. He is an authority and pioneer of Fue procedure in Pakistan and performing 2000 to 5000 follicles mega session via Follicular unit extraction method.

Hair transplantation Pakistan


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I get hair transplantation in Pakistan?

You can get Vertex or crown area hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan at our clinic where an experienced surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry will perform the procedure.

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan?

Normally the cost is 75000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee.

How to contact a specialist for hair transplantation in Pakistan

You may send your close up photos of baldness area  through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and our professional staff will coordinate with you.