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The hairline, the most important and prominent feature of the human face, needs to be well managed and fuller in order to give a youthful and healthy look to one’s face. People suffering from significant hair loss, especially from the frontal line also known as hairline, must stand and cheer as the new technology of hair transplantation can do wonders to our look and hairline. Although head pieces or other temporary solutions are always there for a person to fulfill the need of a fuller hair and these temporary solutions are cheaper too. But an economic solution cannot necessarily bring something good to you. This is a temporary solution as said earlier and apart from that, the maintenance and other costs are quite higher.Say thanks to the modern technology and advancement that it does not really matter if it’s the female baldness or the male, the hair transplantation is best for both the genders and problems associated with them. People may experiment a lot of their hair, even ruthlessly sometimes, to get a permanent solution of the hair fall or hair loss, but the permanent solution lies in hair regrowth or hair transplantation. Hair regrowth treatments include medicines and herbal techniques, however, not everyone gets to see the perks of using it. For this purpose, hair restoration seems to be the best and only option.

Hairline lowering surgery is different from other transplantation thus, the patient must consult the doctor or surgeon first to make a proper or right decision related to surgical procedures. The real or pressing problem of treating the hairline is that after treatment, a natural and fuller hairline look should be achieved. For this purpose, a specialized or skilled doctor should be opted who, using his artistic skills, can get you a perfect looking hairline.


Hairline surgery

Hairline lowering surgery

Causes of high hairline

High hairline was once considered to be a sign of intelligence, but now it is considered as a cosmetic problem as people with a high hairline now find it difficult to cope up with high beauty standards, leaving them with low self-esteem.

Causes include:

  • Inheritance
  • Hair loss
  • Brow lifting surgery or other such surgeries, etc.

Solutions to treat high hairline

  • Forehead surgery- take out a section of forehead to lower the hairline
  • Hairline transplant- new hair follicles are grafted in the hairline region to give a natural and fuller look

Why is hairline Surgery is necessary?

Just like bald patches on any part of the head shakes the person’s self-esteem and confidence level, the hairline problem can prove to be more unaesthetic and can make a person feel unattractive. The consequences of both types of balding may be different, but the treatments are somehow the same. Both can be treated well enough by the procedures of FUT or FUE. After considering some facts like the patient’s requirements, dense look and enough healthy donor sites, etc. Once the facts and requirements are considered the technique that will best suit the patient is chosen. To attain a natural and youthful looking hairline the doctor is to use single hair follicular units in a soft and even distribution at the hairline. While just behind the hairline the surgeon skillfully transplants different sized hair follicular units to raise the density of hair. The process of hairline transplant requires artistic skills and capabilities because the gentle blending of the old and new hair follicles, which is a very delicate and gentle process that is needed to make the results more convincing, natural, and youthful.

The hairline lowering surgery is the only permanent solution to such problems.

Don’t hesitate… Act before it’s too late!

Follicle Hair Unit (FUE) is the treatment which is opted by doctors in order to get best results with less pain and no apparent scars. By extracting healthy hair follicles from any part of the head, usually the back side, these follicles are then  implanted at the hairline. Here, they are allowed to grow at their natural rate, giving a natural look. These hair follicles alone cannot give a fuller look, for this purpose, just behind the hairline, more hair follicles are implanted with extreme care and caution. This gives the dense look to the front hair and a younger look in person. The FUE treatment is carried out under local  anesthesia to eliminate the minor risks or pain associated with the transplant procedure. This process is also known as the walk in and walk out process, in which a patient can simply walk into the clinic, get the quality treatment and leave the clinic well treated in a few hours’ time. Another reason for choosing this technique is that no visible scarring remains at the end of the day.

What to expect after FUE treatment?

Apart from a lot of hair follicles on hairline, the scalp will be sore and numb just after the treatment and the discomfort or irritation will sustain for a few days. Medications and other precautionary measurements will be asked by the doctor to follow if the patient really needs to get rid of swelling, discomfort, numbness, irritation or even pain. If no proper care is taken, infection and bleeding may follow. Overexposure to sunlight or work that may lead to sweat are to be avoided. Furthermore, touching the treated area should be strictly prohibited. By taking proper care of these newly planted hair follicles, a patient can get excellent results.

FUE v’s FUT for hairline lowering surgery

Even though doctors suggest that FUE hair transplant is a better option for hairline transplant, but let us compare both of these techniques in order to get a better view of what’s good for you.If we summarize both the procedures, it can be visibly concluded that the FUE technique should be chosen by those individuals who considers a shorter hairstyle for them in future. FUT hair transplant for frontal hairline lowering surgery on the other hand is said to be a general treatment and is designed for those who would not mind to keep a long hairstyle to hide the nasty scarring that can occur with the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get hairline lowering surgery in Lahore?

Our Lahore hair clinic is offering lowering of hairline this reduction of forehead surgery

What is the cost of hairline lowering surgery in Lahore?

The average cost is 90,000 to 125,000 Pak Rupee.

Who can perform hairline lowering surgery in Lahore?

Any specialist who has hair restoration surgery specialization can perform this procedure. Our hair transplant surgeon is qualified from Paris France and has 20 years experience in this field.

How to get an appointment for a hairline lowering surgery clinic or specialist in Lahore?

To get an appointment you may call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 where our staff will try to solve your problem.

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