It is priority of every male or female pattern baldness patient to search for best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan. Many individuals are suffering from hair loss and will do everything they can to get rid of this problem. Hair restoration in Pakistan is a popular procedure to treat baldness. However, our world is full of scams and different hair loss treatments and this makes it very difficult to select one. This is why you need to understand the different types of techniques available to ensure that you have made the right choice. What is best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan? It depends upon number of factors like before & after photos, previous patients video testimonials, Reviews and results displayed at various international Forums.

How to restore hair through Medicines

  •  Genetic balding drugs :- The only drugs that are approved by the FDA for treating genetic balding are Propecia and Rogaine. It was found that when they are used together, they have an outstanding effect and can greatly reverse the effects of baldness. However, it is essential to understand how these drugs works. Propecia is available as a pill and consists of finasteride that works by stopping testosterone from mixing with aplha enzymes. Due to the fact that DHT is responsible for genetic balding, preventing it from being product will ensure that patients won’t suffer from any further baldness. It should only be taken once but this usually depends on the extent of the alopecia. The only drawback of using Propecia is that it is available for men only. Rogain is available as a shampoo form and is applied directly on the scalp. It consists of the ingredient minoxidil and is considered to be an outstanding stimulator for hair growth. Hair restoration clinic in Pakistan
  •  Laser therapy:- Many reputable doctors believe that this is one of the best regrowth techniques not only in Pakistan rather abroad because it works on curing genetic baldness instead of re-growing only. This surgery takes place by removing tissue from the scalp where a small section is then dissected into different grafts and follicles. These grafts are then placed into areas that suffer from baldness. The drawback to this procedure is that it is somewhat expensive and not suitable for individuals who are on a low budget.
  •  Hair transplant in Pakistan: It is a surgical procedure that involves removing a small portion of the scalp to obtain donor grafts. These follicles are placed into recipient area. Transplanted follicles growth start after three months from procedure. There are two types of hair transplant procedures called FUE and FUT.
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Even though alternative treatments are backed up by “success stories”, you should understand that some of them never work and this is why you should be very careful when you’re in the process of selecting a treatment.Unfortunately, non-surgical techniques can grow hair but for a short period of time only. This means that there is always a possibility that the hair loss will take place again in the future. Hair restoration in Pakistan is the only surgery that has permanent results. However, you should understand that every technique or product has advantages and drawbacks. This is why you need to select a technique or product that is suitable for you and not because it worked for someone else.To get an appointment or information about hair restoration in Pakistan, call us +92-333-430-99 99

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