Fue hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan are the best remedy for baldness. Hair loss can occur in men or women and this can be a result from several factors such as weak roots, genetics, improper diet, and dandruff. There are different methods that patients can use to treat hair loss. However, the best treatment for hair loss that is a result of genetics is FUE procedure like other developed Nations. Follicular Unit Extraction is becoming even more popular than other procedures because it doesn’t involve cutting any skin or grafting and this can reduce the chances of skin trauma. It also doesn’t involve any stitching that can cause patients to be uncomfortable. The only thing the procedure involves is extracting units of follicular hair and making a round incision around that area. The units are then attached to the patient’s follicle holes.

Specialist Fue hair restoration in Lahore 

FUE hair transplant takes place using an instrument that looks like a needle. You have nothing to worry about because the needle doesn’t hurt at all and you probably won’t feel a thing. The surgery will take around one hour but this usually depends on the extent of hair loss. For example, someone who is bald will need two day. The healing period usually takes seven days and the surgeon will use anesthesia to reduce any pain that the patient might experience from pulling the follicular units during the procedure. The hair can be removed from the chest, legs, or any area of the body that consists of enough hair.

Advantages of the Fue hair restoration technique 

The main reason why this procedure is recommended is because it doesn’t involve any scarring and this is one of the main concerns that many patients face when they are making their decision about the technique they should use. After the operation, it is essential that you take care of your scalp by constantly washing or massaging it. The reason why this is so important is because it enhances blood flow and this means that the hair will grow at a faster rate and it will look healthy and new.

Disadvantages of the procedure

Even though this is one of the most effective surgeries for hair loss, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any drawbacks. The most common side effect is hair thinning but this is only temporary. Many patients have also experienced swelling and an itching sensation in the scalp after the surgery but this can easily be fixed by medication. FUE hair transplant in Pakistan ,our surgeon will usually explain to you all the side effects related to the procedure before it is done. The good news is that none of these side effects are serious and you will be able to get rid of them easily without suffering from any additional hair loss.

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Single session result with 2500 Grafts by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clinic is performing mega sessions of Fue hair transplants in Lahore?

We are the best and performing exclusively follicular unit extraction for the last many years.

What is the price of mega sessions of Fue hair transplants in Lahore?

An average mega session price is 125,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupees in a reputed clinic.

Who is performing the best Fue hair transplants in Lahore?

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing the best follicular unit extraction procedure in Lahore. To get an appointment you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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