The use of non scalp hair in transplants is relatively a new and less applied concept in the world of hair restoration surgery. The traditional method involves either the FUE or FUT, both of which involve the extraction of follicles from the scalp and implanting them on bald areas of the scalp. But this isn’t always possible because some patients may not have enough donor area available for hair restoration. For this purpose, chest, arm, abdomen, thighs and beard hair can be taken. Therefore, experts are nowadays looking to go for non scalp hair to be used in hair transplants.


· Low density of donor area especially at the back of scalp

· Scars on donor area due to surgery or trauma which was caused previously and resulted in loss of hair

·High yield requirements at recipient area. For example, if the skull size is too large.

·Patients having advanced androgenetic alopecia

· High ratio of hair and scalp colour contrast. This is most commonly seen in Asian patients.

·Repair of any scar on the donor area.

· Transplantation on other parts of the body such as eyebrows, temples etc.

Reasons For Non Preference Of Scalp Hair

The use of non scalp hair in transplants are usually not preferred by surgeons because of the following reasons:

·There is no proper and perfect method for the extraction of non scalp hair. So the process may be performed under less desirable conditions which may lead to unpleasant effects on the body.

·There is a need for larger extraction punctures because the body hair is spread over a vast area. Thus, more body area is applicable to the procedure which may cause complications.

·The size and texture of non scalp hair may vary leading to an unnatural look. Such as the beard hair is very thick so they cannot be used at the hairline properly.

·This process requires longer surgical time with a high level of expertise. It prolongs the surgery hours and may be uncomfortable for the patients.

· There may be hypo-pigmentation if the donor area.

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The use of non scalp hair for transplants has been tested only a few times and according to that the efficiency is yet unclear. The survival rate of scalp, chest and beard hair is 60%, 46.7% and 70% respectively. This is because the beard hair has more potential to grow because of increased thickness and high speed growth. Other areas of the body had very less rate such as 39%, 29% and 51% for abdomen, back and thighs respectively.


Effluvium occurs due to shedding phase which comes 2-3 months after the surgery. It’s rate can also predict the survival of follicles. For example, the effluvium rate for beard is low and that for chest hair is high.


The use of non scalp hair in transplants can be proved an effective source of follicles provided that the patient has completely lost his donor area capacity. More research is being made to prove the efficiency of this procedure so that it can be successfully applied in clinical trials on a broader level. 

Frequently Asked Question

Pubic hair can be used for head hair restoration?

Yes with micro FUE technique we can extract pubic hair and transfer it to the head.

Can we transplant hair from one person to another?

No, it is not possible due to a variety of reasons like grafts rejection. For successful procedure your own body hairs are used as donor grafts. 

Who is the best surgeon who can perform beard and body hair transfer to the head in Lahore?

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has extensive knowledge and performed many body hair to head procedures in Lahore.

What is the fee range for non scalp hair (beard & body) transfer to head in Lahore?

The fee is charged 100 Rs per graft from body to head. There are very few experts and specialists in Lahore who can extract body grafts successfully and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is one of them.