Hair transplant surgery is one of the things that boost confidence in people and make them feel better about themselves. A Hair restoration Session takes a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 hours. Follicles are extracted from the Donor Area either by Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT (removing hair in strips all at once) or by Follicular Unit Extraction FUE (removing hair directly from the scalp in individual units). Both procedures are done under local anesthesia hence patient won’t feel much discomfort. But once you have received the transplant, there are some instructions that one needs to following.

Dos and Don’ts of post Hair Transplant care

Let’s take into account the fundamental dos and don’ts post artificial hair implant.


  • Do let your scalp rejuvenate by keeping it dry. Evade showers for few days.
  • Do sleep straight on your back without rubbing your head towards your pillow.
  • Do apply the ointments prescribed by your medico.
  • Do wear the surgical cap for the first 4-5 days.
  • Do use a mild shampoo after 4 or 5 days. Make foam with your hands and then gently dab on your head without rubbing. Then simply, rinse it off.
  • Do massage at top of your eyebrows to remove the swelling.
  • Do expect some hair to fall out after 2 to 4 weeks of your surgery. It’s part of the process and is completely normal.
  • Do keep patience.
  • Do keep your diet healthy. (Avoid salty and unhealthy food)
  • Do hydrate well.


  • Don’t sleep on your tummy or sides.
  • Don’t touch the transplanted area of your scalp.
  • Don’t wash your hair for 2 to 3 days.
  • Don’t scratch your scalp.
  • Don’t wear any caps/hats other than your surgical cap.
  • Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight for about10 days.
  • Don’t exercise or lift heavy weights?
  • Don’t go for hair styling for at least 3 months.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or caffeinated drinks.
  • Don’t smoke for a month.
  • Don’t drive back home on your own. ( as surgery is done under sedative which takes hours to wear off)

How long after hair transplant are grafts secure?

As many get concerned about the safety of grafts after hair implantation, let’s find out what a graft exactly is. In simple terms, a graft is a bunch of follicles i.e. if you closely look at the hairs on your scalp or arm etc, you’ll find few hairs emerging from the same graft. Each graft typically sprouts 2-3 hairs. Once the grafts are extracted, they are implanted in the recipient area.

As the grafts are quite fragile after their implantation, they require adequate time to root-in, typically around 7 to 14 days.

How many days rest after a hair transplant?

Unlike other surgeries, you don’t need bed rest or prolonged hospitalization. You can do your mundane activities the next day just by taking necessary precautionary measures. However, some may still recommend 2 to 7 days rest.

What should I do after FUE hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the individual removal of hair follicles directly from the scalp. Post FUE care doesn’t vary much to that of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The initial 10 days are generally considered critical and exceptional care should be maintained on these days. Conventionally a 10 days manual(from day 0 to day 10) is given to the patient by his/her Surgeon. Instructions like how and when to remove the bandage, keep yourself hydrated, evade swimming ,no use chemical shampoos, take antibiotics, etc are inscribed on them.

How can I hide my head after a hair transplant?

If you want no one to find out about your surgery, the best you can do is to stay at home for a few days as the scarring won’t be noticeable after a few days. Covering your head with hats or caps is not permitted but still, if you want to hide your head with one, consult with your surgeon. May be he/ she instructs you to wear a loose cap like a beanie or fisherman hat, etc. Now, if you don’t want to wear a hat? Maybe wear a lie then? Honestly, you don’t have many options.

Don’t panic. You have done nothing to be guilty about. After all, it’s just a transplant. Be Confident. Follow your precautionary measures, let your hair grow, and have fun.