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Hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is performed by the best surgeon, having 21 years experience to treat baldness problem. Hair restoration surgeries are becoming common in almost all the major cities of the world. This is due to this kind of procedure being demanded by people. In this age, many people suffer from baldness as a result of increased stress and poor diets. Due to this, there are many medical  clinics that provide treatment. Pakistan has been known for a long time for its good medical facilities and skilled doctors. Surgeons who hail from this country are well reputed and skilled in their fields. The  procedure is available in all the major cities. 

Best hair transplant results

Lahore is the hub of aesthetic science and people who are conscious of their appearance. This reputation has resulted in the development of aesthetic cosmetic medicine to excel and be commonly found in the city. Lahore offers many popular surgeons who have enjoyed a successful career and continue to provide world class services and treatments. Apart from some medical centers that have a hair restoration department that is looked after by a surgeon, there are numerous clinics that are independently providing only hair loss treatment in Lahore and other similar cosmetic treatments. There are of course many surgeons in Lahore but it is totally the candidate’s discretion upon which surgeon he chooses. It is always recommended to look for a surgeon who not only costs less but also provides the best results. In Lahore, cheaper medical treatments are available that may yield the same level of results as any  transplant performed in the United States or Europe.


Hair Transplant cost in Lahore

Hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is less costly due to healthy competition, low value of Pak rupee, low cost labor and less taxes. If an individual is interested in hair surgery from Lahore, he must bear in mind that while cost is not an issue while quality delivered is also up to the mark. The surgeons and clinics available in Lahore have been in practice for a long time hence their services are tried and tested. The surgeons are well experienced and their technicians are well trained. The city is one of the biggest metropolises of the country therefore exposure to the latest treatments and technologies is found in the general public. This is why the surgeons have also provided their patients with all kinds of latest equipment and a modern clinical environment. Nowadays, medical science and cosmetic surgery are becoming more and more common due to an increase of resources. This is why in a city like Lahore; the various methods of transplant surgery are available. The surgeon decides which kind of method will be used after seeing the patient’s condition and intensity of the problem. Once the pre-surgery discussion is completed the operation is started. However, in case of any dissatisfaction and poor results, the surgeons ensure follow up sessions without charging any extra money for these sessions. It will not be wrong to say that just like Lahore is one of the biggest cities, the cosmetic surgeons based in Lahore who perform surgical procedures are also counted among some of the best surgeons in the region. Hair restoration  in Lahore is advanced, cheaper and up to the standards of any clinic in the developed countries.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will perform the procedure in Pakistan Lahore?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry will perform the procedure. He is a specialist, trained and qualified from France. He has 21 years experience in this field.

What is the price for hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore?

The price range is 75000 to 200,000 Pak Rupee for this procedure.

What is the latest technique?

The latest technique is F.U.E. or follicular unit extraction. This technique is without stitches and no linear scar in the donor area.

Where should I contact for hair restoration in Pakistan Lahore?

You can send close up photos of bald area through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999