Control hair loss first before hair transplant

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Do I need to control hair loss first before getting a hair transplant? This is very important question that rises in the minds of people. These people are those who are suffering from baldness. Baldness is a rapidly spread problem that affects most people in both males and females. There are different types of baldness such as hpotrichosis, Hair Shaft Abnormalities, Cicatricial Alopecia, Tinea Capitis, Anagen Effluvium, Telogen effluvium, and the most androgenetic alopecia. The causes of baldness are very common among females and males. Stress, anxiety, tension, depression alone is not the factor of baldness, there is another reason as well. These factors are hereditary, aging, childbirth, unbalance in hormone production, menopause, illness such as cancer, improper diet, infection in the scalp, excessive styling, and Alopecia areata, etc. 

Control hair loss first before hair transplant

Do I need to control hair loss first before getting a hair transplant? The answer is yes. The reason is to try to avoid surgery. The doctor should first prefer treatment on medication rather than direct surgery. This is preferable for young people. The young or teenager must try medication. Sometimes it works well and controls your curls loss. The efficiency of medicine depends on the age factor as well. The most effective action is probably seen in the youngsters as compared to the older people. That is why young people should go for medication first. As far as the older is concerned, it is quite obvious that with the aging there baldness started gradually. It is quite difficult for medicine to work at an older age. So people of more age can go for surgery first. The surgery at a later age will give more satisfaction and this is the last option for that age as well. There is no hope of recovering the baldness after medicine at that age.

Do I need to control hair loss first before getting a hair transplant? The answer is yes because of the reason that surgery has multiple obvious side effects. These side effects are infection, bleeding, scars formation, inflammation, and loss of sensing ability at the operation site, itching, pain in the scalp, and formation of the pus. These are the side effects that can be prevented if you go for the treatment to prevent surgery. The gradual baldness can be controlled in many ways: you must take a bath daily; you should take vitamins for your health and growth, massaging the scalp with oils. The diet must be balanced and rich in protein. The juice of garlic, onion, and ginger proves very beneficial in the treatment. If you rub green tea in your head it will also prevent abrupt baldness. Drink more water and avoid too much combing especially when they are wet. There are some patients to whom the transplantation treatment doesn’t suit them such as patients after chemotherapy or diabetes. These types of patients should prefer the treatment.

Do I need to control hair loss first before getting a hair transplant? Yes, you must be because in this way you can save your money and time. The cost required for a hair transplant surgery is more than the medication treatment. So you should economically solve your issue. A large period is required for transplantation treatment. The total time duration required from the pre-treatment and post-treatment stages is quite long. Another reason besides this is sensitivity to DHT that will force you to control hair loss. People who are sensitive to DHT should not perform transplantation. The reason is it will further lead to excessive hair loss.

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