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Hair replacement surgically is a permanent solution where one can get baldness treatment and natural growing hair. It is a procedure that takes place by using light, laser, or radiation to cure hair loss or other problems in the scalp. This procedure is extremely effective and has less side effects than other popular treatment options. One of the few drawbacks of surgical hair replacement is that it is somewhat expensive compared to other options. Even though it is expensive, surgical options such as laser transplant is considered to be the best. The operation takes place by replacing the spot that is bald by follicles from another donor area. However, there is always the possibility that the hair will take a long time to grow but this also depends from one person to another. Laser transplants are also costly but you can always find a doctor who is willing to conduct the operation for less or will allow you to pay in monthly installments. The first thing the surgeon will do is direct the beam on the area that is balding or consists of thinning. To ensure that no mistakes will take place and no infections will take place, a gel is usually used to circle the area that the laser beam will be directed to. The donor hair will then be inserted into the balding area using the laser beam as well. This procedure is not expensive at all and you will usually be given local anesthesia during the transplant. The main reason why this procedure is suggested, it does not involve any scarring and this can be one of the primary concerns that a lot of patients face when they are in the process of making their decision regarding the technique they ought to use. Hair replacement surgically is performed in Lahore Pakistan at our clinic by a Board Certified , experienced , foreign qualified surgeon. 

Receding hairline

Following the operation, it is critical that you simply care for your scalp by continually washing or massaging it. The explanation why this really is so vital is since it enhances blood flow and this signifies the hair, it will develop at a quicker rate and it will appear healthful and new. If none of these treatments work, then this can be a sign which you will have to have extra advanced remedies including hair transplant. The very first thing you’ve to do is take a look at a dermatologist simply because he/she might be able to inspect your scalp and recognize the main explanation behind hair loss. You need to realize that the causes for hair loss normally differ from one particular person to yet another. This means that you just should never use a remedy since it worked for somebody else. There’s often an opportunity that you just could possibly not be applying your therapy properly or the remedy you happen to be applying will not be appropriate for the symptoms that you simply have.

How much is a surgical hair replacement  in Lahore Pakistan?

The average cost range is 50,000 to 125,000 Pak Rupees. 

What is the best clinic for  hair replacement  surgically in Lahore Pakistan?

Our clinic is the top most in Lahore and treating different kinds of alopecia through surgical techniques. To get an appointment you may call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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