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Hair transplant surgeon in Belgium one can find easily by seeing before and after procedure pictures and results. Belgium is a developed European country where the latest techniques are in use. However, a skilled doctor or surgeon is essential to achieve the best results. We shall observe what determines a surgeon’s expertise for best surgery, which is the most result yielding method. Hair implant surgery is the process of shifting grafts from an area of good density to an area of poor or less density. This method is the most result yielding procedure while the non surgical methods are slow and require a long period of time to start showing results. The surgery shows full coverage of the scalp within a year’s time and hence people who have been suffering from hair loss turn to this method to ensure a stronger personality.


 Hair transplant Belgium Prices

Hair transplants were initially done in the 1950s to cure abnormal baldness resulting from accidents. The methods used then were not as advanced as the methods being used now. An average hair transplant surgeon in Belgium earn 30,000 to 55000 euro/month. The results of previous methods often produced unnatural results, which caused a bumpy scalp or hair appearing to grow out of a single follicle, like doll’s hair. These days, there are two primary methods of treatment like the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is simpler since the hair is removed in the form of a strip and then dissected into smaller units which are planted on the bald scalp.

Fue hair transplant in Brussels Belgium

The FUE method is more technical and requires extraction of individual follicles which are then planted one by one on the bald patch. The FUE method requires a skillful and experienced surgeon since a major percentage of the result quality is dependent upon the surgeon’s skill. The hair being extracted need to be done in such a way that neither the surrounding hairs are damaged, nor is the extracted follicles destroyed. This is done if the surgeon has a good experience of surgery using this method. Besides expertise, the surgeon must possess an artistic hands that the follicles are planted in the same direction and pattern of the existing hair on the head. A good surgeon is one who can easily satisfy his patient and also makes him feel comfortable during the surgery.

Hair Transplant Brussels Cost

Hair transplant Brussels cost is 3 to 5 euro per graft, the surgeons are often not as experienced since many of the native patients travel to cheaper destinations for the same kind of results at a lower cost. On the contrary, countries like Pakistan, where there is a heavy influx of patients from all over the world, the surgeons are performing numerous procedures every day. This makes them more and more experienced and hence the patient feels more secure and comfortable. The surgeon always holds an initial consultation with his patient, this ensures that all aspects of surgery are discussed and the patient is at ease during the procedure. Similarly, the initial consultation helps the surgeon to eradicate any unrealistic goals in the patient’s mind. This further enhances the chances of a satisfied patient since they will be clear about the kind of results .The surgeons in Pakistan are famous for their friendly nature and this is a big quality and attracts more patients. It is always advised that before a surgery, the patient must look for a good surgeon who suits him best. The main factors of suitability are the cost and the final results and in case any one of them is not appropriate, the patient may not be satisfied fully. This is a reason that the surgeons in Pakistan are well reputed for their work. They provide the best results at a very reasonable cost.

Hair transplant surgeon in Belgium are available at very high cost due to which many patients opt to get a surgery done from countries like Pakistan.