My hair looks worse after hair transplant

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After hair restoration surgery patients commonly remain worried and ask about why my hair looks worse after hair transplant. Hair shedding even after painful surgery is uncomfortable and frustrating. Undesired results after surgery are unfortunate and put an individual in emotional stress and depression. It is usually a safe and secure technique and yields the expected results but sometimes results come beyond your expectations. Bad results obtained after failure of hair implantation operation. In today’s discussion, we will be discussing some of the basic reasons for failed surgery and what to do to repair the outcomes.

My hair looks worse after hair transplant

My hair looks worse after hair transplant 

Let’s move ahead to know the Possible reason for hair transplant failure. No
doubt the expectation from hair grafting is high and usually fulfilled but in certain cases, the transplants fail due to various reasons. Rejection of grafts makes the outcomes worse. Graft rejection is one of the leading causes of procedure failure. Just like other organ transplant rejection body also rejects hair grafting considering it unusual. By talking more precisely it means the grafted follicles do not grow properly. 

Lichen planopilaris is a disorder that also participates in repulsion. This scenario has negative effects on the follicles and destroys their normal activity which in turn results in abnormal output. The whole condition leads to hair fall. Do not be worried by thinking my hair looks worse after hair transplant and go for a solution instantly. Do not fall victim to Unqualified and inexperienced surgeons. The success of surgery depends upon the qualification and experience of the surgeon. But if unfortunately, you adopt an inexperienced doctor who has no experience with such delicate operations you cannot get the desired outcomes at any rate. 

Many clinics cannot manage to provide you with hygienic conditions of high standards to ensure the reliability of the treatment. An inexperienced surgeon does not have the skills to operate the sensitive procedure precisely. Now you can better understand why my hair looks worse after a hair transplant. The chances of wrong grafts and poor implantation of follicles are useless at all and lead to no hair growth. So when you have decided to have a surgical procedure visits a highly qualified and experienced surgeon. Visit the clinic and examine the facilities present there along with precisely checking the hygienic environment. By keeping in mind all these factors you will get safe surgery otherwise, failure is sure.

Poor Post opt precautionary measures

Poor operation conditions are also contributing factors in creating worse outcomes. Good care helps a lot in strengthening follicles and making their base strong by making the hair shaft healthy. A healthy shaft grows more thick hair rapidly and naturally. Healing and recovery catch speed and yield productive inferences of your desires. If you did not take care of your transplanted area and ignore it at all. Formation of scars is favored and blocks the scalp by inhibiting growth and inactivating the follicular units. Therefore make sure you have taken all the pieces of advice from the surgeon and acted upon them this contributes to successful treatment. Take rest properly to avoid asking why my hair looks worse after hair transplant.

Symptoms of an unsuccessful hair restoration treatment

  • The following symptoms are the results of an unsuccessful hair implantation operation:
  •  Sever and excessive scarring in the transplanted area is due to the use of unsterilized tools and instrumentations.
  • Unusual hair regrowth is a detectable symptom of failed hair restoration surgery that causes unidirectional hair growth.
  •  Unnecessary redness and swelling in the targeted site confirm the Bacterial or viral infections.
  • Thin and rough hair growth after a few months of procedure.
  • Excessive dryness of scalp
  • How to resolve the bad effects of a failed hair surgical treatment When you experience the unusual symptoms of a useless hair procedure it is wise to contact the dermatologist immediately. Your doctor will have a thorough examination of your condition and diagnose the problem scientifically. Tell  your health expert my hair looks worse after hair transplant and get expert advice. The most probable decision is going for another surgery. The second surgery reverses the condition efficiently by promoting scalp improvement and making the hair shaft thick and strong.

Low-density makes the patients unhappy because it does not meet their desires. Opting platelet-rich plasma technique is fruitful in increasing the thickness and repairing the damaged area without any harmful effect.


Revision procedure is another best option for reversing the damage caused by a failed hair transplant surgery and providing you the reason of my hair looks worse after hair transplant. So if unluckily you have gone through the trauma of a bad hair therapy do not panic and keep patience. Contact the foreign qualified and highly skilled surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry and tell him the whole scenario. Good clinics and wise doctors have a wide range of techniques and treatments to make you happy even after a bad experience. Along with taking a healthy diet, releases stress, stays happy, and improves lifestyle for optimum recovery. 

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